WE ARE A UNIQUE KIND OF childrens music group based in hertfordshire tring.


Rhythm was founded by the multi-platinum selling artist and musician V V Brown. After touring the world as an artist, performing with the likes of Grace Jones and Maroon 5 and appearing on TV shows such as Jools Holland it was at the point of having her first baby that she felt there was something missing children in regards to music classes.

V V - "Since becoming a mother I wanted to create a progressive platform to engage and stimulate children beyond the norm"

The professor Lili Levinowitz states that "Audiation in music is like thinking in language. We learn by practicing it, making sounds and essentially training our brains. The brain can only develop its musical comprehension if we tell it to through voicing and dancing, not through simply listening. “We’re isolating ourselves with the earbud,” she says. “My research shows that 50 percent of children enter kindergarten without knowing the difference between singing and speaking. Help your child make music, not just listen to it” -


we teach and encourage progressive interaction, expression and stimulation for children through modern music. 

Age 1-14 years of age